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As part of The Kiwanis Club of Tampa’s 100th anniversary, the Tampa Kiwanis Foundation will be awarding a grant of $100,000 to a not-for-profit organization.  This grant must be used to improve the early childhood development and / or early childhood school readiness of Hillsborough County children and must be for a capital expense and / or new program development to build additional capacity.  It cannot be used to offset current operating budget shortfalls.
Applications that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.
Please fill in the Application Form at the bottom of this page. 

The following types of organizations or activities will not be eligible for the 100th Anniversary Grant:


  • Organizations that are not designated tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Direct grants to individuals or families.
  • Political candidates or organizations.
  • Religious organizations.
  • Organizations with a limited constituency, such as fraternal or social groups.
  • Athletic organizations.

Our goal is to select the grant recipient before our September 27, 2019, dinner to celebrate our centennial.

The following are some key deadlines from the application and award schedule.  This list is not all-inclusive.  

  • Applications must be submitted electronically, dated at the latest, 11:59 PM on Monday, August 5, 2019. Applications submitted after that time will not be accepted.
  • Prior to that date, there will be a “Bidders Conference Call” on July 17, 2017 (tentatively scheduled for 10 am) during which we can answer your questions. Participation is encouraged but not required. If you
    register on the form below by Noon on July 16, 2019, you will be notified about the logistics for the July 17 call.
  • Applications will be scored by the Tampa Kiwanis Foundation and finalists will be asked to present to the Foundation Board.
  • Prior to or after the presentation, there may be a request for additional information or a site visit.
  • While our goal is to identify our grant recipient prior to the September 27, 2019, we reserve the right to postpone the decision or not make an award.

After you look at our website or if you have problems contact:

Dave Rogoff
President, Tampa Kiwanis Foundation
Email:  K100Grant@yahoo.com
Phone:  813-767-0644

Tampa Kiwanis Foundation and Community Grants


As stated in its by-laws, the Tampa Kiwanis Foundation exists “to acquire funds and other assets, by gift, donation, and otherwise to hold and invest the same; to provide funds, and promote such activities, for such charitable, scientific, and educational purposes, within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and Chapter 196, Florida Statutes, as amended, or any other laws or statutes of similar import”.

Over the last few years, our Tampa Kiwanis Foundation has provided financial support averaging $120,000 per year to charities throughout Tampa Bay.  Since its inception in the early 1960’s, the Foundation has contributed more than $2 million to the Tampa / Hillsborough community.  This does not include the “in-kind” value of the time of the members of the Kiwanis Club of Tampa and volunteers from its supported youth organizations.

Our historic community impact includes:

  • Grants to local nonprofits that focus on serving children in Hillsborough County ($50,000 – $60,000 per year).
  • College Scholarships ($20,000 – $25,000 per year that is matched by the Hillsborough Education Foundation).
  • Support for the charitable activities of the Kiwanis Club of Tampa including the Club’s major emphasis programs ($40,000 -$50,000 per year):
    • The Children’s Christmas Party.
    • Youth – Child Priority One.
    • Be Wise Immunize / Back to School Program.
    • Citizenship services activities including:
      • Building ramps for disabled citizens.
      • Youth leadership awards,
      • Support for the Elderly.
      • Sponsored youth programs









Click Below for audio recording from the Bidders Conference Call

100th Anniversary Grant Bidders Call

by Dave Rogoff

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REMEMBER: This is just to assist you in drafting your application. The submission must be submitted online using the application below.

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This application must be used for the proposal. Proposals will be sent electronically as an email attachment to: Mr. Dave Rogoff, President, Tampa Kiwanis Foundation


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