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We are posting this on behalf of Roger Bell, Governor PNW District of 2017-2018…

I have known Steve Emhoff personally for nearly 40 years and am forwarding his campaign committee’s message of support for his election to Kiwanis International Trustee.  As Governor of the Pacific Northwest District, I highly recommend him to you as a Candidate. 

Steve Emhoff is a well-qualified candidate for International Trustee, who, with your support, will make our organization stronger.  He is a 40-year Kiwanian who joined Kiwanis at age 27. Steve is the only Governor in his district to achieve net membership growth between the years 1992 and 2017.

What has been his key to membership growth?  He attributes it to something that sounds like a radio station: WII FM — What’s In It For Me?  In other words, what are people looking for that Kiwanis can provide?  Are the businesses in your community looking for business networking?  Are young professionals looking for mentors with contacts in the community?  Are there people who are looking to help children, or the less fortunate?  Are there people simply looking for a chance to expand their social circle?  Identifying what people are looking for is key to bringing them in the door, and ensuring they get that experience is key to retaining them. The key would be to incorporate the concept of social and business networking into the existing Formula membership program.

Steve also brings a wealth of convention planning experience, having chaired district conventions for 11 years.  After a convention lost $20,000, Steve built a very strong team, and helped charter an internet club that supports the convention team, to ensure that district conventions are financially sound and well-attended.  With your support, he wants to work with the board and staff to find ways to reduce international convention costs, increase attendance, and bring in more revenue from outside organizations.

So what’s the “WII FM” of voting for Steve Emhoff?  If you want to see stronger membership growth and more successful international conventions, a Trustee that is accessible and will listen, and is committed to serving you, make sure he gets your vote. 

If you need more convincing, please read the flyer here which lists his accomplishments.  Better yet, we encourage you to take the time in Las Vegas to meet him and talk to him about the issues that matter to you.  You will feel confident voting for Steve Emhoff for Kiwanis International Trustee.

To personally communicate with Steve: steve@emhoffgroup.com or 509-945-3944.

Warmest Regards,

Roger Bell

Kiwanis Governor PNW District, 2017-2018