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Dear Fellow Kiwanians:

I hope all of you are doing well on this Friday and that have a wonderful weekend.

We need help finding a new home for the barbecue grills after this year’s event. The current location is charging $350/month ($4,200 annually) to store the grills that we only use once each year. Do any of you have contacts or a location that would save us money? If you do, please let Chris Chambers know ASAP as he is coordinating this part of the event. He can be reached at chris.chambers@myharvestfield.comor 727-735-5352.

Also, here is the sales comparison by date for the last few years at this point.

2015: $18,393

2016: $16,455

2017: $9,680

We need a big push these next couple of weeks for sales and donations to make up for the lost time due to the hurricane. Every sale counts, so don’t be afraid of the small sale or ask new people to buy meals or donate. If you are holding money or tickets, please email me what you have so I can get a good sense of our progress.

Sponsorships are needed too for the meal inserts ($100) and for the distribution banners ($500). You can direct people to http://KiwanisBBQ.GQto purchase or donate online.

Lastly (for now), we need someone to ride along with the CDL driver to pick up the refrigerated truck, pick up the frozen chickens, and bring them to the stadium on Wednesday the 18th. We need someone to make sure the truck gets back after we have cooked all the chickens Thursday. If you can, please let Patrick Reid know at 727-546-0660or patrick@larsonpatentlaw.com.

May the Sauce be with you.