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Tampa Kiwanis Fundraising Survey

Survey Purpose:

The purpose of this Tampa Kiwanis Club survey is to gauge our collective perspective on our major fundraising activities for calendar years 2020 and beyond.


All Club and Satellite members regardless of membership type.


Many of our members are aware and understand the separate duties of our Club and Foundation but it certainly worth a quick refresher on how these two entities operate and why we need to fund raise.

The Tampa Kiwanis Club Funding:

The Club is funded strictly from membership dues, new member fees and the 50/50 raffle. Expenses are limited to the lunches, third party admin support, conventions, fellowship, awards, district and
international dues. The Club is self-funded and operates within an annual balanced budget approach.

The Tampa Kiwanis Foundation Funding:

The Foundation is little more involved as it is funded through two primary sources: the growth of our Foundation investments and through our major fundraising events.

The Foundation was established in the early 1960’s, grown steadily over the years and currently has approximately $1.7M in investable assets and principle. We are all grateful and thankful for many good
years of leadership and the fact we have a well-managed and endowed Foundation.

For several years our Foundation has operated on a policy of 4% per year draw schedule to fund our community grants. This policy, albeit fiscally conservative, achieves our dual objective of funding
community grants while enabling continued slow growth in the Foundation principle. In the current fiscal year of 2018-2019, the 4% draw budget was set at approximately $58k.

The foundation also funds many of our committee activities such as: ramp projects, citizen services, Christmas party, Be Wise Immunize, sponsored youth programs (Circle K, Key Clubs, Terrific Kids and
Builders Club) and scholarships. Total committee activity budget for the current fiscal year is around $69k.

Total 2018-2019 Foundation Budget $127k.

The need to raise funds:

Whereas, the Community Grants are self-funded from the growth of our Foundation ($58k), the Projects and Community Outreach Committees are dependent on our active major fundraising activities ($69K).

The Survey:

Please use the survey below to provide us all the feedback you feel appropriate to help our Club navigate the beginning of our second century. Your name and email address are required items for us to track official responses.